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Lyra's tree

We are planting for Lyra this tree high on Eldorado, near Champaquí Mountain Peak. It took long but we made it! Will grow quick and bring good waters and blessed soil for our shared Planet: Salud Pachamamita!

Our work

Thousands of "Polylepis australis" trees are transported to the slopes of the "Champaquí" Mountain.

Restoration site

"El Dorado" is a little Polylepis forest on the "Sierras Grandes de Córdoba"

Its panoramic views towards sunset are simply spectacular.

The species "Polylepis australis"

This tree is known locally as "tabaquillo" and plays a key role in regulating water in the Sierras Grandes.

It helps protect soils, reduce the impact of rain and capture fog water. For this reason, we say that it helps the large water tank that forms this mountain range for the entire province.

Lyra's tree on the map.

GPS file for Google Earth

Lyra's Tree
Download KMZ • 786B

Thank you for your collaboration to restore our forests.

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